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Aniya Curved Headboard Bed

د.إ 2,250.00د.إ 4,199.00 Including VAT
HOC Furniture presents its Best & Top Selling Beds—a symphony of comfort and style that beckons you to unwind.

Awabi Padded Headboard Bed

د.إ 2,700.00د.إ 3,900.00 Including VAT
Unveiling HOC Furniture’s Best & Top Selling Beds—crafted for those who appreciate both style and quality.

Boucle King Bed

د.إ 2,700.00د.إ 4,500.00 Including VAT
Dive into the allure of our Best & Top Selling Beds—a blend of opulence and tranquility.

Decasta Bed With Modern Design

د.إ 3,000.00د.إ 4,200.00 Including VAT
Presenting HOC Furniture's crowning jewels – our best and top-selling beds that redefine beauty and comfort.

Modern Luxury Samara Bed with Storage

د.إ 2,790.00د.إ 4,650.00 Including VAT
Imagine sinking into a plush embrace of supportive foam, enveloped in luxury you can customize to your heart's content. That's the Modern Luxury Samara Bed your gateway to dreamland and a haven for the modern sleeper.

Smart Bed

د.إ 3,000.00د.إ 4,080.00 Including VAT
Experience a new level of sleep comfort with the Smart Bed. This modern masterpiece combines high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and elegant design to create a haven of relaxation in your bedroom.